Online Events

Enpact Online Events

Co-creation and collaboration over borders and distances without the hassle of travel-time and extended organizing-cost enable for new opportunities and outreach. Especially during times of pandemic crisis.

While also offering tech-solutions, our main focus as a non-profit NGO is in organizing and facilitating outstanding events with long-lasting learning-, collaboration- and networking capabilities between humans everywhere on the planet.

Why Online Events

Through the nature of online events our partners draw added value and a reduction of cost on execution of events. With an online hackathon, conference or competition organisations can reach out to millions of potential participants across the globe and enable for active participation from areas that would have not been able to participate in offline events. Increasingly so, during extraordinary times as currently during CoVid-19 crisis.


When engaging with us, our partners will go through the following process with us:

  • Outlining and Budgeting

    We listen to the needs of our partners, suggest ideas and draft a rough outline for the scope of the project incl event process, timeline, positions and tech. Based on this we will be able to calculate pricing.

  • Ideation

    After our partner commits we move into a collaborated brainstorming and ideation process to sharpen the details of the project. The experience of our project managers helps to suggest best practices while design thinking can facilitate creative ideas in cases necessary.

  • Tech

    Having a good idea what the outcome of the event supposed to be we start assembling the tech stack. First scanning for best solutions in existing markets, then fill the gaps with our in-house tools. Finally, we build customized connections between them and concentrate on a fluid user experience to guarantee hassle-free engagement and online collaboration.

  • Partnering

    Together with our clients we develop a plan about all necessary partners that need to be brought on board. Then connections are been made between government, investors, data-providers, cloud-providers and media-partners as well as mentorship and startup networks and ecosystems.

  • Detailed Planning

    Diving into fine planning of the event we draft schedules, align stakeholders, develop engagement ideas, reach out to ecosystems and run social media campaigns to have participants signing up. We also take time to test all equipment and software.

  • Execution

    Finally, we conduct the event. Our MC’s run the video-calls, our social-media people tweet and shout, team-manager facilitate team finding and cooperation, crisis-manager work around problems, mentor-managers make sure every team finds their advisor and investor-managers make sure the right connections are been made. We organize a jury and finish the event with mingling in a mix of smaller rooms and bigger rooms to simulate an after-party. 

  • Aftermath

    After finalization we summarize the event on social media, settle open payments, make relevant connections, collect data and create reports that help our partners to review the impact of the event.

  • Be Part
    Our Story!

Technical Solution

We are not the usual SAAS-platform that offers one standard solution that should fit-all and individual approaches are as impossible as getting somebody from support on the phone. We do not strive for scalability. We are following a bespoke event-agency like approach.

We have created a set of technical tools that we customize onto our partners specific needs after developing the event’s concept in joint collaboration. These tools include but are not limited to:

participation management tool

allows organizers to follow through the sign-up process, sort and screen applicants and allows for real-time dashboard statistics.

team-finding tool

participants match their personal skills against open positions in teams, allows communication on topic and introduces team goals and current members.

collaboration tool

allows teams to communicate, store data, assign tasks and meetings and document their work. These functions stay open after the event and can continuously be used by their members. 

mentor tool

organizes time slots and meeting facilitation between mentors and teams. Teams can request mentors and sign in for available mentor time slots. 

scoring tool

helps judges (or teams) to rate teams and ideas based on organizer customizable metrics for winner selection. Additionally, the tool allows for written judge feedback on teams or individual sub-matrix eavluation points.


give real-time insight into activities on the platform, allow to see metrics and evaluate data.

Engage Community

Our partners use online hackathons to engage their communities or employees across the globe and throughout time zones to solve problems or drive innovation. 

Growth through communities is one of Enpacts core values that is now elevated from ‘local’ to ‘global’ through the possibilities of online events. Disregard online or offline, we are driven by the vision to bring people together, create valuable connections and enable for self-growth.

The possibilities of modern online workshops, conferences, hackathons and competitions enable cooperation between participants that otherwise may not have had the chance to collaborate offline. Opening doors for new and different types of communities.

Our Partners

Who we are

Enpact e.V. is a non-profit organisation that fosters entrepreneurship in emerging markets and offers a wide range of services like hackathons, conferences, ideation/trainings workshops and startup competitions to international partners like GIZ, the European Union and the Berlin Senate. Through strong establishments in local communities in many emerging markets Enpact is highly decentralized and operates with remote internal tools for years already.

Our partner TechVentury GmbH is specialized in helping companies and institutions with their needs to decentralize workforce, optimize remote work and build robust systems for global collaboration of inhouse and external teams. With their help we satisfy the technology needs we have in internal and external projects.

Together, we join forces in creating solid events guaranteeing extensive experiences in planning, execution and technical services.